[original play]

what is money
when time is out
when no voice to sing
just lungs exhausted
to cry out loud

while love dissolves into fable
and its capitalization no one able
to calculate

it is too late
to overlay
your assets under your ass
guess why? here comes original play

okay! original play
okay! original play
okay! original play
okay! original original play

stunning show you’ve never seen
it’s your inner ignorance
crushes the world between
terra firma and sky above
it’s a chain reaction it’s a critical mass enough
you long to say
save us Father
from our habit to betray
instead of loving and saving each other
until we kill the last brother having nobody to bother

all things you sell and buy
all things you tell a lie
like a million stones
roll into final
having their way in the original
original play


(c) rimecode



[love is]
You cannot make show of love
Never sell what comes from above
It’s enough
Media bluff

You produce tons
Of weiners between buns
Sex turns out fast
Food to feed up
Five thousand people
Two fishes
And chips
Make a night club
Where’s the main
When you try
Make profit of sounds people cry
When they fuck
To remove their pain
DJ Jesus(‘s) here to entertain

Is what we hear instead of music
That money is lost

Soul is lost in lust
Lust is lost
In speed
Of a rising crisis
It is soon they cannot give you a dollar you need

No money no lust no animal hunger no fear
Not a thing
But human being

Love love love comes from above
You never make show of love

Producing this titty shitty pop
This XXX junk pulp
You sell — they gulp
You sure this’a fucking bright
Business idea
Oh, look here
Your mere religion is Copy
Just a Copy

The space you left for love is so small
Just stop
Being angry to your soul

Your showbizza copypaste sex
Does not sell
It sells just cancer to your cells
Nuclear war is inside
Whom you are to guide
No one’ll give a dollar
No no no one will give a dollar
To your Copyright idol

Love love love comes from above
You never make show of love

To music
To people

No one to please
That’s all I know:
Love Is
Love Is
Love Is

(c) rimecode



[facebook blues]
‘S getting people high
No it’s not about weed
Weed’s the last thing they need
Jah’s the last thing they call
No drugs no rock’n’roll
Sex’ a kinda neglect
When there’s no connect
To Facebook
And everything’s even bitter
If you cannot enter Twitter
Every office rat is on that
Making selfies and pics of their f’cking cat
Tapping Like button again and again
To entertain their brain
Sitting in the train
That even not green
(You know what I mean)
Totally remotely controlled
(You got what I told)
That now stands for “socially involved”
Like Share Retweet is an old gold
And is a secret for few
What’s new
(I never knew, and you?)
So Share Like Retweet
This is the weed
That’s why Paravozz-Fi
‘S getting their high.

(c) rimecode

(c) rimecode